Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 31

I ended up getting to sleep a little late last night. It's been a heavy week either way, but I wasn't up to doing as much as I thought I would be today.

Still, I insist on consistency. Scheduling posts in advance certainly helps the cause but there's always some manual labor to do.

Honestly, I'm not enjoying sitting at a desk to write just this minute, but this entry will one day form a smaller part of a larger book, so the show must go on.

It's okay. It's not that I don't want to write. It's just that I rather be laying down.

Marketing Activity

  • Responded to two emails
  • Shared sale to Instagram story
  • Created a video based on podcast clip
  • Sent newsletters to subscribers
  • Shared seven Click to Tweets
  • Shared sale on Facebook story
  • Wrote and published this post


  • Some days, it feels better to act more like a slob than an ambitious entrepreneur. I don't know why, but I needed that today. To eat sour suckers. To laugh at nothing. Today, it felt right.
  • Don't wait for anyone to choose you. Choose yourself. You are not entitled to anything. Get up, go and get it. I don't know entirely what that means right now, but I'm letting it sink in.
  • Is video content really better than blog content? Maybe it is. Maybe I've had it backwards. I should save my writing for books and instead churn out multimedia content at velocity.

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