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I have been bumping to the Million Dollar Question of the year by @partiko this past few days before the year 2018 ends.

Why am I on steem??

It got me to thinking too the same with the rest of the pepole who responded to the question. It is like being in the Miss Universe Q&A during the top three, they all get the same question but delivers different answers and point of views.


Sooooo while I was basking myself under the glorious morning vitamin sunshine, I have decided to jump in. Why not?!

There seems to be a lot of reasons WHY I am here in the community. Of course there are!! ....or else I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be staying and keep coming back.

Steem may just be another facebook or instagram or twitter that people might get addicted to. It maybe another social media account to create and have.

I have accounts on all that, but in this lifetime I rarely create posts. I guess, you come to a time where you get tired of constantly uploading pictures or informing the public of what you are doing, where you are or who you are with.

Facebook has become too personal to me. I dont really like to publish my personal life and I still want to keep my personal life private. Its hard to keep it open for public eye especially when you are connected and associated with family, friends and colleague.

IG has been my haven for my photography addiction. Well, actually my photography centers mostly on my kids. In fact, I have joined too many photo challenges too and won a few.

And twitter, i just got lost somewhere!!! Hahahahaha I still dont get it, I tried but I never last long. 😂🤣😂🤣

So STEEM, why did I stick around.... hmmmmm..

To me, STEEM is more than FB, IG and Twitter.


Ooohhh yeah baby! I fell in love with Steem!

Steem has become all of that in one site. Plus you begin to blog. I have always wanted to become a blogger. Only I find the provided blogging sites too confusing and complicated to access or use.

Steem just provided what I needed. And it waaaaaaaas user-friendly and I found my way through it. Yes the physical aura looks more of an IG or FB profile but they differ on the contents or how the contents are made.

Just like other social media accounts, you are free to post whatever you want. I just love how freely you can share whatever you are passionate about.


And then I found families who I shared giggles with!

I do not regret it at all! Mind you I have had toi many tummy aches a countless times.

Actually, I am too blessed to have found families I seem to belong with. We are not related by blood or consanguinity but we are bonded by the spirit of friendship.

@welcomewagon Family- the family who has the loudest laughter of all. 😂🤣.. we are the Steem Crazy Bunch Family!!!
@steemitmamas Family- the team mommas! We are certainly the Bad Mamas cuz we can fight and stand up against what we believe is right... 😉
#Ulog by @surpassinggoogle Family- the team #uloggers who have proved the community that we can be celebrities in our own ways no matter what status you are
@spunkeemonkee Family- the team uu ahh ahh! 🐵🐒🐵....naaah! Its our little monkees that makes our momma livez go bananas.. did I just make sense?! Hahaha..
@thealliance Family- my baby family cuz I am still new and I cannot wait to start growing with them this year 😊


Lasly, it has the greatest INTERACTION!

The platform has the largest coverage to encourage active and massive interaction. No one is left behind unless you wanted to be alone. There are a lot of things you can do to notch up a little higher of your engagement.

One is joining in to too many challenges and giveaways being sponsored by most generous steemians in the community. Start following the right people. When we say the right people, these are the ones who never sleeps! Hahahaha.. yeah you can find a few.. here's a tip, they go under the alias as WITNESS. 😉..

Another is being part of any engagement activities where all you have to do is annoy other people's post especially those that you do not know. Oh yeah! That is the best part --- talking to strangers. You will find the best gem in those people. Sometimes, you get to earn a friend along the way. So, how coooooooool is that?!

Winning isn't everything. Money can't buy happiness. But Love, Family and Friends are worth all the Steem and SBD in the world.

These are the things that make me stay here on Steem..

Steem on, cheers! ❤

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