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In today's world, communication tools are rapidly growing and creating quality content. This brings freedom to individuals; people meet in different areas and people according to their own tastes and wishes, and share a variety of shares.

When the sharing environment allows quality content sharing, people enjoy it more and share more content, contributing to the rich content production of the platform. This causes people to perceive life as more positive and happy. They evaluate their leisure time with the efforts that give them pleasure, and they are happy as a result of this effort.

It is a media platform built on the Refine medium blockchain network that allows sharing authentic and high-quality video content. It will help every stakeholder on the platform to make self-explanatory shares and to reach the Made shares easily. Therefore, a platform that will help people share content they enjoy and access shared content will always be important.

Around the world, the entertainment industry is generating annual income of $ 2 trillion. Youtube is the industry where so much revenue is generated. We see that companies like Netlix, Prime Video have made huge strides over the past decade. More quality and abundant content videos are created and delivered to consumers.

Refine medium works hard to create video, transmit generated videos, and consumer trends, sharing content that people can enjoy their lives and breathe for a moment. Unlike other platforms, the fact that it is built on blockchain will be one of the most important advantages of Refine medium.

With the advantages of being on the Refine medium blockchain network, it enables consumers to use the platform in confidence and helps users in sharing quality and diversity. It would be the main factor in the success of the project that the blockchain network would do with its fair, equitable and impartial aspects. The project, which has a very useful interface design at the same time, will be adopted in a very short time due to this feature.

Refine medium, a decentralized media platform, found that video content production shifted from studios to homes, and chosen to support and reward the content produced by video content producers through fair, transparent and equitable policy.

Tell me the basics on the Refine medium platform can be summarized:

  • First of all, ensuring audience confidence in content richness and authenticity,
  • Following the copyright laws and downloading the generated content for certain fees,
  • Based on accurate statistical data,
  • Token and reward distribution organized by smart contracts.
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With its decentralized structure, refine medium allows users to publish their created content and make money for the content they create. For this reason, anyone producing content on the platform owns their own media. Control of users, moderators and content producers on the platform is available. Because users and content producers, users and moderators will be in constant communication, the work to be done; decisions to be taken will be the product of joint work.Thus, the public's own media is created, video productions are shared and participants receive various awards.

The internal functioning of the Refine medium platform and the reward system will be used as its own indicator XRM. XRM users will have some advantages over the system and will be entitled to receive various discounts.

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