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The FairCosa Foundation

A hand UP, not a hand OUT

Collateral consequences of incarceration are very real and very harsh. They have served their sentences. Why keep the punishment going?

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Faircosa Foundation




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Sounds like something really worthwhile. I've heard of another foundation that helps prisoners called wopg.org. They go into prisons and try to help at the core issues, and by all accounts are helping immensely. These kind of foundations are of considerable help to the disadvantaged in life. Well done...

Thank you. I'll have to check out the organization you mentioned. The prisons here in the States are flawed to their very core. I wish there were a way to scrap the whole system and start over.

Never heard about this foundation, upvoted 😊

Thank you! Check us out on Facebook and our website for more info. I am a co-founder of the organization. While we are still in our infancy, we have big plans!

I was speaking with my optometrist following my routine check up, she indicated that the majority of repeat offenders become so due to the fact that they have poor vision, which inhibits their ability to read, learn, and further themselves effectively with education.

The statistics she quoted were quite saddening, given the fact that optometry is mostly subsidized by the government here in Australia.

Interesting stuff. I gave the post an upvote!

That is interesting indeed. There are so many factors that create barriers to success for people. Often, we have to dig deep into the past to figure out WHY people do what they do. Poor vision is a great example of this. If as a child you couldn't see the board, it's hard to learn. As a result, education suffers and you have to do SOMETHING to make a living. It's quite sad.

Thanks for sharing that info with me, and I appreciate the upvote. :-)

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