The Red Triangle Puzzle + updates

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It's been a few weeks since I looked at the Red Triangle Puzzle. I was getting pretty burnt out at all the constant pressuring to slove some puzzle. i was Tried and not really looking forward to it really. Most of the solvers ended up doing some pretty underhanded stuff and acted like I didn't know about these things. Anyways, it's whatever. New PGP key?

This Red Triangle Puzzle shot up out of nowhere when Tengri137 came out again. I was working on that when this thing came out and it had all the indications of a Train ride to WTF town. Seems like it's not exactly Cicada 3301 but they are suppose to be helping each other? IDK I missed some stuff over the last 2 months and people are assholes that done share notes as well as I do. Seems like a whole new solver came out with a twitter for this. In contact they say they have been solving for longer than be, maybe they are finally on the right side? Nah pretty sure this is some type of setup. I don't like it but what can I do but be interested. Very similar to Cicada 3301 stuff but with a different PGP key. Blake I see you. Not a bad thing so I guess I'll try. Is 2018 another year where I'm going to have to prove myself again because I ruined the fun, or are some of the folks out there behind these sorta things playing at a bigger game. To be a pawn in the game of life is not my style. I just like to keep myself not bored.

New Discords and a ton of old faces how surprising

Seems like things are off to the races to solve a Murder. In dictation on the pages in chapter one showed the Death Date of Seth Rich. This is an interesting note within all of this because how would people react to a puzzle that lead you to the name and face of the killer, would their be evidence to? Only the riddler knows and it seems to be fairly involved. I personally Left off on Chapter 3, lol which is funny to me because it's my number.

I got confirmation from Z that this was something different once again so I backed off the solving for my health. Seems like people don't get that I'm just a guy and not a puzzle solving machine, must be the young ones.

Seems like they solved the shit after some direction. It gave them a pastebin. with a spooky warning about danger ZONE

It seems the solvers where able to figure out it was shifted 3 with a casear. After the shift you can try the hash in some rainbow tables. That's going to take some downloading and effort. Seems like they are stepping some things up. I guess those rainbow tables at Defcon came in handy. I guess they got another page

When you click on the blue url link it will download the Utrimque Trebus which is the next part of chapter 5, it is a book similar to the Liber Primus. Like what the crap is going on here. Pretty involved and very well done I would say.

Then you Have the book that came out of it. Very Tengri137 and Cicada 3301 of him.

That concludes what I looked at so far. seems like were are getting somewhere? I haven't done shit really but look at it but it seems like a good time to start looking a bit harder. I bet that will get me a lot of friends. At least I don't have to do all the work anymore. At least people made a wiki and are doing work.

I used to love this movie until I found out Arnon was behind it. Another Mossad CIA Psyop form the 911 guys.

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there is a naked male shot at 43 seconds