Winners of the Redfish Rally for September 2019!

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We have three winners for our first month of the Redfish Rally! Because we see so many new accounts that need help with delegation to get through to their first 100 SP so they can post, comment, and become part of this amazing platform we all love, @brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, @medro-martin, and I decided to do a monthly contest to help three new accounts for one full calendar month with a little bit of delegation.


We welcome accounts who have a 53 or lower reputation that are six months or lower in account age*, they have less than 100 "natural" SP AND no history of blacklist or plagiarism to register to participate. To register all they have to do is let us know in the comments or contact us via the Steem Terminal Discord Server (click on the banner below to connect with the server).


We collect the raw reputation in the website the first day of the month (or when the person registers) and then take the raw reputation on the last day of the month and make the decision based upon that difference.

20190731 5.png

The way the accounts participating in the contest is by doing what they would do on a daily basis: posting, commenting, and upvoting. There are no special posts to be made, no hoops to jump through, or special actions to be performed. The only things the accounts are expected to have is a 53 or lower reputation when registered, be six months or lower in age, have less than 100 SP at the time of registration and not do plagiarism!



We had four entries who met the requirements. If you will look at the spreadsheet below you can see the results and process for choosing our three winners.

20190930 1.png


The third place winner is @AFoolzLuck receiving one-calendar month delegation of 50 SP.

20190930 2.png

The second place winner is @bhattg receiving one-calendar month delegation of 75 SP.

20190930 3.png

The first place winner is @kharma.scribbles receiving one-calendar month delegation of 100 SP.



to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

Why not visit our partner @steemterminal?

Thanks @minnerz22 for the gif!

Click the banner to go to our Discord Server!

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Thanks @steempeak for the great banner


Congrats dear steemians dont forget us when you are big 😉

that will never happen, I guarantee you of that.

@bhattg that is what we like !!

ya that is the reality or we can say the human nature if we help anybody we wish that they will also help us or remains with us in the exchangebof there help what we did.
But the things not always like same may be they or we will change 🤔😏

Thanks a lot for choosing me third time.
I think you have make some mistake on the above regarding the positions of the winners please have a look.

Yes I did. That's what I get for copy and pasting when I'm in a hurry. You came in second! 75 SP delegation for the month of October for you!

Thanks for letting me know.

lol, that heppens a lot with me also. I have noticed that I was second on the bases of your weekly report😋.

Conceatulation to all the winners !! And thank you for creating this amazing ralley ;)

Thank you for this wonderful contest and delegation!!
@bhattg, @afoolzluck.. you guys should now join up to the Curation and Engagement League!!

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