Getting 1% Rewards for Holding REDF?

in redfish •  2 months ago 


Redfishcoin (REDF) - a Waves token that gives rewards for holding in your waves wallet.

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  • The new exciting news will be earning 1% by holding 10REDF in your Waves wallet!

Now you can earn more!
Still the following rewards percentage is given and active


20 REDF, Get 2% REDF Monthly Rewards
50 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards
100 REDF, Get 3% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus
500 REDF, Get 5% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus
1000 REDF, Get 7% REDF Monthly Rewards & Bonus

New 1% rewards is coming!

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