Uptrennd A New Reddit Alternative for Crypto Currency Fans?

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Uptrennd A New Reddit Alternative for Crypto Currency Fans

As many people know i'm not that big of a fan of Reddit since it has lot bad design choices and its inherently a platform that promotes censorship and shadow banning. While i do want to say there are great Subreddit for crypto currencies out there i think the ruling and filters prevent certain conversations taking place.

So Uptrennd is pretty fresh new community that is building kinda like Twitter mixed in with Reddit, while having this sub-community setting with Social media type of profiles basically. There are some cool things also in this platform that differ from likes of Voat and Reddit such as;

  • Ability to get points by posting and commenting on the platform
  • Use points to level up inside the platform
  • Turn points into Native Crypto Currency (Own blockchain in the works)
The site is still in a beta stage and it hasn't amassed millions of users yet, but i think that's about to happen in upcoming months once more people come to hang around on the platform. I Will keep posting my stuff there and also see further developments for the platform.

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://sugikingdom.com/uptrennd-a-new-reddit-alternative-for-crypto-currency-fans/
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