Is ShadowBanning Fraud?

in reddit •  last year

It seems I have been shadow banned on Reddit. I am unclear as to why. Have been there for like eight years. Have never posted spam or anything illegal. Never attacked or doxxed anyone. Never broken the rules in any way. But I can't see my posts when logged out and never get comments or votes. So shadow banned I reckon...

Seems like this sort of activity -- invisibly banning people without even telling them about it or giving reason on a public forum, while making it appear to such users as if they are not banned -- would be a slam-dunk case of fraud. You are promoting something as a public exchange of ideas and fraudulently making people think that they have a voice when they, in fact, do not. Banning people outright would be legal -- it's your house, after all. Shadow banning seems patently fraudulent. You're using my eyeballs to sell ads, collecting my thoughts but not holding up your end of the TOU, deceptively making me think you're actually providing the service that you purportedly provide: a public forum.

Could make a very interesting lawsuit. Anybody want to join a class?

(Will be posting on money and cryptocurrency soon so stay tuned...)

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