Go for gold.. the hardware gold digger

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The gold digger job from the old computer.

Many of us don't know that our computer has a hidden treasure. The hardware. When you diagnosed it and open the CPU box you can see several parts, resistors, chip, motherboard, power box and many others equipment that provide the service to have a happy runtime.

Though many recyclers are attached to recycle the computer parts and suck out the valuable things. The most valuable thing is the gold that remains hidden from the general people's eyes. Of course, it will not too much but has a little. Many of recyclers buy the old computer at a low price and mine it. And the process is lengthy and costly.

The processor of a computer remains safe under the heat sink. That it can remain protected from the excessive heat that generates by the hardware while the computer uses too much workload or ram is in excessive performance or it's on during a long period. Just carefully remove the sink and bring the microprocessor out. The processor again stuck with a clip that has to be removed.


The pin of the CPU is a metal plated with gold. You can find much other circuit board in the hardware board which connector is connected by the gold-plated circuit board. The technology behind to set up for a CPU hardware is much complicated. There are too many types of equipment and of course, it has what we have to seek. It's gold. Most of the technology uses gold to drive. You can use all of those connectors of the circuit board which is goldplated.


The most gold contains the processor which is found under the heat sink. All types of processor use gold because it is a good conductor. You can easily found the processor is made of ceramics. Of course, CPU computers made with ceramic have more gold than CPU general we have to separate metals mixed with gold removed.

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Great! Just thinking will this work in old laptop as well?

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