Go for gold.. soaking with nitric acid

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The gold digging is on. We just see that gold plate and remove it from the metals. Now it’s the time for the acid bath.


After having the aqua dissolving with nitric acid and water the gold legs are just separated. Now, washing it with the water you can find the gold separates from the concrete metals and materials. And you will find out the pins of the CPU processor come/fall out. The lead solder legs are dissolves and become water because of the aqua wash with the nitric acid.

Now you have to collect the raw materials of gold that are soaked with nitric acid, it will help evaluate. Will you get the gold??? Actually, you will be happy to know that the nitric acid is a good gold sorter for gold alleys and gold plated.

Too much gold huh??? Do you need more gold?? You will see under the die chip will have a gold overlay. It will seem difficult to remove the gold from the metals of concrete materials. It needs to soak in nitric acid for 1 month. It will be automatically separate.

It needs a mixed chemical. The chemical consists of 1 part nitric acid and 3 parts hydrochloric acid. When these two acids combine, we get aqua regain. So the nitric acid and hydrochloric acid ratio will be 1:3.

After mixing acid, let it stand for 3-5 minutes. Slowly it will pour the aqua into the raw ingredients. You need to be aware of the dangers of chemicals. And you should use protective types of equipment. Acid resistant gloves and also a gas mask. Because, these acids are not safe for human skin that can create major damage. Now just chill and leave it to acid aqua regain to dissolve the gold.

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