Why are you drinking again?

in #recovery6 years ago (edited)

It was absolutely brutal.

I sat there completely dismayed at myself. I had failed yet again at maintaining my sobriety.

Why was this case? How come every single time I had vowed to quit, something had caused me to go right back to it?

The answer was somewhere and I knew that I simply had to find out. I couldn't go on living like this anymore and something had to change.

There are always moments in life that make you realise they are pivotal and life shattering.

You know the moments I'm talking about don't you?

Those moments when you feel completely caught out and shocked. For some of us it is being caught drinking yet again by our partners who have stood by us for years as we've failed them again and again.

For some of you though it'll be something entirely different.

What's your story? 

I'm hoping that by reading this you're starting to realise how similar my story is to yours. Now the circumstances are probably different. In fact, I'd lay £10 on it that you haven't had the same experiences as I.

You see I think it's incredibly important to define your story.

Find the story. Define your outcome.

The most important thing you can do is not let your story dictate the rest of your life. If you've fucked up and that's your story you choose to live by- STOP! You don't have to play that card forever.

You CAN change who are.

That night after my wife caught me sneaking a drink (again) it wasn't the act of getting caught. It was seeing the face of sheer disappointment from the woman I loved and cared about.

How could I continue to cause so much pain?

I've used that face looking back at me to fuel my sobriety since 2011. You can use your story to fuel the outcome. Be the person you want to be and never look back.

If you need help with addiction we have FREE courses for anyone here on Steemit. Drop me a line in the comments and we'll take care of you. 

No strings. No bullshit.


Thanks so much, am going to show this post to a friend of mine who drinks, it's a great post.

Most definitely @abdul1234 - happy to help or give advice where we can. Reaching out to a friend can be hard - good luck and let us know how it goes <3

Do you still have that addiction? I can't say I've had any addiction that has lead to bad habits in my life, but I've been in places where I told myself I have failed. You decide that story for yourself. I made a change 2 years ago that I no longer want to be that pessimistic person. I want to at least try and keep failing to maybe find where I'm going. You cant find it if you are too scared of failing. I hope life is well for you and if you're still getting there, then keep going! :)

Hey @andyhtu - nice to see you here. You don't ever really get rid of an addiction per se (at least not in my mind and research) but instead learn to work through it, around it and away from it.

Addiction is stronger for others and I think we have to learn to deal with it in that way.

It's somewhat genetic, somewhat environment.

Nature vs. Nurture.

Thanks for the love @braveit - gotta put stuff out to get karma in balance for the world!

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