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RE: Obscure Audio Software: Plogue Bidule

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Nicely written article. I am really into the whole virtual modular sound design thing. There are some great apps on iPad now that do similar things like Audulus, AnalogKit and Jasuto. They also have the benefit of being portable and pretty cheap (if you have an ipad already anyway). Both Audulus and AnalogKit also have communities of users sharing their creations so you don't have to create everything totally from scratch


I've seen some really cool stuff for iPad, but I don't have one. I do have an Android tablet, and I may cover some stuff from that realm. Tbh though, I don't really use much of that stuff on a regular basis. As cool as I think it is that you can basically carry a studio around in your pocket, I can't stand touchscreen interfaces. What can I say, I'm old. :)

There is not a lot for Android. You should get Sunvox for sure, is an amazing modular thing Caustic3 is good one also

Right on. I have both of those, pretty cool stuff indeed. I've found a few other pretty cool things, but yeah, there's definitely more on iPad.