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RE: Obscure Audio Software: Monocasual Laboratories Giada (free, cross-platform loop machine)

in #recording3 years ago

I use ableton for my looping, and I have a loop pedal as well. I wonder what extra I can do with this. This is a cool concept, man! I feel like I will learn about a lot of sweet plugins. Thanks for taking the time to do this!


Thanks for the feedback! It's cool to hear some people are finding these helpful. :)

I'm not familiar with Ableton beyond a "lite" version that came with something else years ago, but if it can do live looping, then I'm guessing it might be better? I'd almost say Giada would be closer to the loop pedal, but with as many loops as your computer can handle, and probably way more bells & whistles.

The one bad thing about ableton is CPU usage and my MacBook is about 6-7 years old now. It's definitely worth checking out :)

Aha, I know how that goes. :) It might indeed be worth a shot then.