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RE: Steem blockchain breaks 1,000,000 transactions!

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Thank you for the amazing work and vision.

I have a question. Are Communities still a top priority for the Steemit team? Or are you planning on implementing the Communities functionality after the SMTs?


Our pleasure! Development of communities is going well and is absolutely a priority. It is being developed in parallel with SMTs. The team is very large now with multiple teams working on various aspects of the platform.

Community Liaison, Steemit

It is great to hear that it's still a priority! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the blockchain will evolve when communities are launched.

Very good news. I would like to start a community for adhd and neurodiversity. I was wondering, if Appics is going to handle this or the world. Or both ?

What is neurodiversity?

Being different in a special neuropsychological way. ADHD, asperger, high intelligence etc. Very bright and sensitive people.

Gotta love the super fast replies to go along with the network! Keep up the great work and innovation SteemTeam!

Happy to know that steemit team cares about the opinion of the community members.

Very good question. I'm wondering whats going on with the SMT. I cannot wait to see what cool things come out of this!

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