Taste-Fortune: Make It Like Veggie lover Kabab

in #recipes3 years ago



400 grams of spinach

Gram flour 120 grams

Grubed nut 100 grams

Coriander takes off

Green stew 3

Salt to taste

One spoon garam masala

Three bubbled potatoes and three onions



Above all else, wash the spinach altogether to influence spinach to wax kebabs. After this, crush it into a blender and make glue. At the point when the glue is shaped, pound the bubbled potatoes in it well. Presently include salt, coriander leaves, gram flour, groundnut, garam masala and cleaved onions. Presently all got well with the goal that they all social affair. Presently isolate the blend into equivalent amounts of and keep it for 30 minutes. Put a skillet on low fire on the gas and include refined in it and warmth it. Presently put the blend of spinach and potatoes like kebabs in it and place it in the base.

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