Venezuelan Cheeses (Cheese making)

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do a course of the development of VENEZUELAN CHEESES, this is a very nice class but that if a lot of patience so that you can get good results is to say a good cheese.

For this class we use 30 liters of cow's milk, other instruments and important ingredients are a series of pots, tobos, molds or webbing for cheese (they can be made of plastic or wood), wooden pallets, colander, cloth or gauze canvases and The most important of cough besides milk is the rennet.


The rennet is the most expensive material and very difficult to get at least in my country.

To start the realization of the cheeses we started by putting the milk on fire this should be so that more or less have an idea at a temperature in which you prepare a bottle for a baby is where you can put your hand and not burn you

After the milk is warm add the rennet, the rennet has its indications and the amount to use will depend on the liters of milk, this is going to stop rest for about 15 minutes and after this here is starting all the process of the cheese making process, it is going to break off and it will form as a kind of gelatin. This indicates that everything is ready and we proceed to break this gelatin and then take it out of that green liquid and start squeezing, We must remove as much liquid as possible but this liquid is not wasted, with this liquid we can make the serums or custard.

The molds will serve to give the form and also so that they can drain as best as possible.

I had pictures of the process but my phone lately has problems with the memory card.

I show you the different varieties of Venezuelan cheeses that we make.

This cheese is very popular in my country called the llanero cheese is the most consumed by all, I think it is something that can not miss in an arepa.

Flavored cheese here we add species like oregano.

This is seasoned has dressings like chives, sweet pepper, onion, etc. This we fry.

With the same curd but letting it stand for 1 day, hand cheese, telita or palmizulia cheese, stuffed cheese, mozzarella or clineja, guayanes cheese are made.

Hand Cheese

Cheese Telita or PalmiZulia

Stuffed cheese

Mozzarella cheese or Clineja.

Cheese Guayanes

After this elaboration of cheese we make the serums or custard, we just have to take the liquid that is left of everything that we extract to the curd take it to the kitchen to boil and then place it in a blender and process it with a little salt then you can add what you want.

The table ready, the cheeses are accompanied with some fresh bread.

Todas las fotografías fueron tomadas por mi teléfono LG.

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Oh, I love cheeses! :)

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Cosas que todo venezolano extrañara al irse de su país!. Saludos q estés bien!.desde caracas


Excelente @yesslife por mostrarnos está gran variedad de Quesos y lo mejor de todo hechos en Venezuela. Saludos y gracias por este regalo


Asi hay muchos quesos ahi, saludos.

Oh my! I have been looking at the cheese photos for 5 minutes. I want some like right now. Great post @yesslife


I hope you can taste some of these cheeses are delicious, thank you my friend

wow delicious food


Thank you :)

me siento orgullosa al ver todavia productos hechos en venezuela,y que delicias de quesos a tiempos aquellos,gracias por esta demostracion que me dejo impresionada,saludos


Muchas gracias por pasar, solo esto se hace en Venezuela en otros países es un poco difícil hacer tanto quesos por la temperaturas del ambiente

Oh my! That's a lot of cheese :D
My favorite one is with the olives on top and some sorta ham inside? Looks good!


There was a lot of cheese right, we eat more than 30 people of all those cheeses

Especially that cheese was delicious smoked ham and olives give a delicious flavor you should try something like that

Looks like a fun day spent learning to make cheese. The one with spices and herbs looks delicious! They all do!


I had never tried one with herbs and spices it was delicious

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