15-minutes-or-less Dessert Recipes

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Raspberry-and-meringue mess

It is conceivable to set up a custom-made treat in 15 minutes or less - and here are 15 straightforward desserts to demonstrate it.

Bananas foster

Cooked apricots with ginger whipped cream

Chocolate sandwich cookies

Strawberry-rhubarb sundaes

Look like everyday food manager Sarah Carey concocts a quintessential spring combo - strawberries and rhubarb - to make a scrumptious occasional sundae. It's quick, simple, and quite great!

Strawberries with yogurt and pistachios

Raspberry-lime freeze

Seared plums with mascarpone cream

Blackberry fools

Sauteed peaches

Flame broiled chocolate sandwiches

Ginger yogurt sauce on pineapple

Blueberries with maple whipped cream

Orange sauce on ricotta

Flame broiled peaches with sweetened sour cream

New papaya with coconut-lime yogurt

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Wow !! very delicious and Yammy dishes.


Thank You.....