Panelope's Pastries #210

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Panelope's Pastries #210

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two cups all-purpose flour, divided
half cup butter, cut into 12 cubes, frozen
one tablespoon sugar
one teaspoon salt
six tablespoons ice water


Put blade insert into bowl of food processor. Add one cup flour. Sprinkle frozen butter cubes over flour. Add remaining one cup flour, sugar, and salt. Cover. Pulse in short bursts on and off till butter is broken into small pieces and looks crumbly, about one minute. Drizzle in ice water. Pulse with longer pulses, on and off, till mixture turns pale yellow and looks like crumbs, about ten to twelve seconds. Scrape down sides with spatula. Pulse once or twice more.

Transfer mixture onto a work surface. Bring pieces together to form a tight round ball of dough. Flatten slightly and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate at least onr hour or overnight before rolling out.



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