How to make 'Rolled Omelet'.

in #recipe3 years ago

Rolled omelet is a Korean style omelet. Three are many different kinds of recipes. Today I will introduce a recipe with crap.


1.Main material.
-Three crap sticks.
-1 tablespoon refined rice wine.
-1 teaspoon salt, sugar
-Kelp water

-Put kelp into hot water for 10 minutes, then scoop the kelp out.
-put eggs into a bowl, mix thoroughly, and strain them. Tear crab meat out along the grain.
-Put the kelp water , salt, and refined rice wine in the egg water and mix well.
-Grease a heated pan with cooking oil and spread it with a kitchen towel.
-Pour 1/2 cup of egg water over the bottom of the pan and put crab stick on it.
-When the edges are cooked, reduce the heat to low and use the spatula.
-grease a pan with cooking oil, spread it with a kitchen towel. pour the rest of the egg and cook it the same way.

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