The recipe for Indonesian chicken BBQ "Sate Ayam Khas Blora" (chicken skewers) - a speciality from my hometown

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Hello dear Steemians...

I'm back again with the new recipe from my hometown.
This time is not vegetarian nor vegan recipe anymore but a chicken feast. :-D
In Germany people are very fond of grill party in summer so now I'd like to give you a recipe of chicken skewers or
also already rather familiar here with it's original name in Indonesia "Sate/Satay".
There are many variation of "satay" recipes in Indonesia.
People would love "sate padang", "sate madura", "sate kambing" (mutton or Indonesians are actually more familiar with goat meat instead of mutton or lamb), "sate jagal" which uses beef, etc...)
I have tried many different kind of sate but my favourite one is still sate dish from my hometown "sate ayam Blora", because it's the most savoury one among all of other satay varieties in Indonesia.

The ingredients and the cooking as well as serving methods are originally very complicated, but the fragrance you would enjoy during grilling is sooo precious. It would make one drools right away.
However I have developed a method to simplify the recipe and cooking methods by much, without destroying the taste.
Now I would love to share that with you. ^_^

I wouldn't list the ingredients for the soup and the marinate anymore because I have once posted the recipe of Opor ayam before
(yes, the sate would normally also served with the yellow curry soup which is called Opor, so the little children who are normally not so fond of eating too heavy could enjoy the chicken meat with the soup only).

The recipe for the soup could be found here!

You need to skip the part of cooking the meat in the soup. Just cook the curry without meat with a medium heat. Take a small bowl of the "opor" then you can add 3 big scoop of peanut butter into the rest of the opor soup (or you can grind 200 gram of roasted peanuts, 1 teaspoon of lime juice and 1 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce and add in the soup). Lower the heat and continue cooking the curry mixed with peanut cream for a long time until the oil is coming out in the curry.

You can add some chilis in the ground peanuts if you like it spicy or just make a sambal/salsa to accompany the food while serving the dish in case your companion doesn't like spicy food.
If the marinate result is still too watery... not viscous enough, then you can just add a bit more peanut cream.
But normally it will thicken more anyway the longer we cook the soup.

After you can see peanut as well as coconut oil coming out from the curry and floating on the surface then your marinate (sambal sate ayam Blora) is ready.
Take some "sambal sate" in a big bowl and add 1 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce. Mix it well and then marinate all the chicken skewers with it.
Let them sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes then you can start grilling them.

The sate would be served with the sambal sate (the same one we used to marinate the meat), the "opor" soup, steamed rice sprinkled with fried onions and a bit of sweet soy sauce. If necessary a small portion of ground chilis.
Have a nice try and enjoy your meal everyone!

This is the "opor soup" while being cooked with ground peanuts or peanut butter in it. It would actually look more appetizing if you already put chilis in it, because the chili would give red colour on the floating peanut oil.

Chicken breast fillet in skewers.

...marinating the sate.

... grilling process.

Sate ayam special Blora is ready to serve ....mmmmm trust me...this is the yummiest sate ayam ever. :-D
So if you're not a vegetarian, this one is a must try recipe for all the BBQ fans. :-)

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Oh das sieht echt lecker aus 😊👍

Das wäre definitiv etwas für mich.... lecker!!! :-)


Tja... nächste Woche sind die Sonne ja noch da. Man kann noch draußen grillen. ^_^

Oh my god, I love these chicken skewers!! And again the peanut sauce!! Yummi 😋


Yey, super delicious... you need to try making one for your garden party. ^_^


good idea. I´ll make some on our goodbye party in a few weeks 😉

Sate favoritnya orang Indonesia, nah kalau bisa bikin sendiri di rumah lebih hemat nih. Hrus dicoba nih resepnya.

Thanks for sharing the recipe @kobold-djawa


Sama-sama. :)
Ini resep yang paling simpel, jadi bisa ditiru dengan cepat.

This looks tasty! It looks like the one we have here and we call it as “Sate or Satay”, too. (I think, it's the same pronunciation.) Especially, the curry looks very similar.

Your Satay makes me feel hungry now.

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us. ;)

It looks delicious delicious to dislike as a family thank you for sharing it 😍
Always aware of new recipes
Thank you very much I love the kitchen 😱😘


.. to dislike? Perhaps you want to say "like" instead?


Taste 😅😅😅😅

Tampilan terakhir benar-benar menggoda selera sist..
Menu nusantara memang tiada banding maknyuss bumbunya.

I LOVE sate💝


Sate makanan kegemaran banyak orang. Cuma kebanyakan cuma dibumbui kecap, merica, sama kacang tumbuk dan garam. Yang bumbunya rame dan enak menurutku sih cuma sate blora ini sama sate lilit dari Bali. Cuma mau bikin sate lilit disini saya rada malas, sereh nya mahal hehe

Well enough food lesson for loving chicken stackers. I don't like eat chicken every days. I eat if often and occasionally. Looking tasty and also too spicy. However you do priceless job here @kobold-djawa.


It's not spicy, unless you add some chilis in it. I didn't do it.

Pagi2 liat post mba @kobold-jawa perut langsung nyanyi.. 😁😁

Sate nya menggoda banget mba.. 😋😋😋


Monggo dicobaaa ^_^

Tasty to see delicious to mouth :D
@kobold-djawa, I know your husband (@jaki01) lucky for taste nice Indonesian foods from you. This chicken BBQ better food for see. Final product rise up my Spit in the mouth. Yummy.....

It's fully recipe details given to make Indonesian chicken BBQ. Step by step process better for understand and make it easily. You have great recipes of Indonesians foods.

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Wow! It looks soyummy, taaty and delicious. 😋😋 Feeling very hungey after seeing this.

Can I take this one ?

Thanks for sharing. 🤗😍💙


You can try to make one by yourself :)

Thanks for the food information and very useful
100% like and resteem

delicious food

Hiks, saya jadi pengen makan sate,
besok buat ah... :D

Mantap kepingin cicipi ..pasti enak rasanya

Sate ayam bloranya menggugah selera👌👌👍...bisa dicoba nih resepnya, trims @kobold-djawa resepnya...


Sama-sama. Selamat mencoba yaaa.

Sir food is good your health and health is your all happiness 👉👍

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ummm so yummyy i love BBQ and this look so delicious!

Delicious. This is one of my favorite foods. I need to make the time to make it.

Sepetinya sate bumbu kacang ya, pasti enak..pool