🍔Special Recipe: Mustard Oil In Chicken Biryani.

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For a long time, I was thinking, I would share a recipe for my favorite food, but it was not happening. Today the opportunity and time have become both. So share with you a very nice, nutritious and delicious recipe. It is also easy to create. I think everyone likes it.
So let's start.

Mustard oil in chicken biryani.

Which needs to be

👍Cut chicken into 1 small piece.
👍Half cup yogurt.
👍1 cup of onion chopped.
👍Ginger paste, 2 tablespoons.
👍1 teaspoon of garlic paste.
👍1 teaspoon of onion paste.
👍Cardamom 3-4.
👍Jaipal Bata Half Tea Spoon.
👍Cinnamon 2 -3.
👍Clove a few.
👍2 -3 teak leaves.
👍Oil 4 tablespoons of oil.
👍Salt to taste.

Marinate the top of the chicken with all the above 1 hour. Then cook it with a little water. 25 minutes. There will be light grinding, oil will rise up and understand that it is ready.

For biriyani.

👍3 cups of kalogira rice/basmati rice
👍Half cup mustard oil
👍Salt to taste
👍Chilies 9-10h
👍Beaver - 1/2 cup

Making process.

Serve with mustard oil in a large berry and let it be rice and salt.
Take a little spoon and fry it with 5 cups of boiling hot water and chicken pies cooked with it. Give it out.biryani-1141444_1280.jpg

Increase the ignition of a bar in an oven. When the rice starts to swell and the water is drying, then reduce the sparkle and reduce the lid by churning it over for 20 minutes. Do not give it directly on the stove, put a spoon down. If you do not drink it, put a pan of Tehri on it with hot water in a hay.
-Train the bed well. Keep in mind that the steam does not come out.
- Serve hot with salad.
arabic-3550394_1280.jpgAll pictures by: pixabay.

Thanks All

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