Tasty Salad with Green Tomato !!!

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Plate of mixed greens Ingredients:

7 lb green tomatoes (30-40 medium tomatoes)

1.5 lb carrots (9-10 carrots)

3 lb onion (6-7 medium onions)

6 Tbsp salt (3.5oz or 100g)

Syrup fixings:

1 container Canola oil (200g)

1¼ measure of white vinegar (300g)

1 container sugar

5-6 entire dark peppercorns

5 straight takes off


Cleaning/Sterilizing Your Jars:

Preheat stove to 215˚F.

Wash the greater part of your containers and covers with cleanser and warm water.

Place shakes in the stove on the base rack for 20 minutes or until totally dry. Bubble covers in a little pot to disinfect them.

Making Canned Green Tomatoes Salad:

Wash every one of the vegetables. Utilizing a sharp blade, cut every tomato down the middle, expel the stem part at that point cut tomatoes into ⅓"- thick cuts. Place cut tomatoes in a substantial blending dish.

Mesh carrots on the bigger openings of the grater. Add ground carrots to the bowl of tomatoes.

At last peel and cut every onion down the middle, at that point fifty-fifty once more, at that point cut them into thick cuts. Add cut onions to the bowl with tomatoes and carrots. Try not to cut the onion too thin or it will move toward becoming to delicate while cooking the plate of mixed greens.

Add 6 Tbsp of salt to the bowl with vegetables, blend them well, cover with plastic wrap and let the blend sit for 12 hours at room temp. It's best to include salt at night, so that in the morning you can deplete the juice. After twelve hours empty the juices out of the vegetables.

In a substantial cooking pot, sufficiently enormous to fit every one of the vegetables, combine 1 measure of Canola oil, 1¼ measure of white vinegar and 1 measure of sugar until the point when it breaks up. Add depleted vegetables to the pot and blend them so they will be covered with the syrup. Wrap up by including 5-6 peppercorns and 5 straight clears out. Cover and heat the pot to the point of boiling and cook vegetables on med/high warmth for 30 minutes, mixing 3-4 times simultaneously.

While vegetables are cooking, clean and disinfect your containers and covers.

At the point when 30 minutes are up, expel vegetables from warmth and add them to each container while sizzling, leaving just ¼" space at the edge. Pack the veggies in (you don't need air pockets). Next, screw the cover on and flip each jug over until the point that they chill.


As indicated by current canning measures, you should heat up the filled jars with the tops on for 10 minutes right side up and after that evacuate them and let them cool to room temp. Plate of mixed greens can be filled in when it s chills off and will rearward in the container at room temp for a couple of months. Refrigerate subsequent to opening.


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