Lovey ice cream cones with sliced white bread

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4 cuts white bread

50 grams Melted Butter

50 grams Caster Sugar


Liquefied chocolate


Cleaved nuts

Chocolate Sauce

Frozen yogurt




Expel the coverings from the bread and with a rolling

Stick, take off as thin as possible.

Cut the bread into the state of a quarter circle.

(utilize a bowl or little plate as a guide)

Brush each side of the bread with softened spread and caster sugar.

Sandwich the bits of bread in the middle of preparing material in the middle of two heating plate.

Heat for 6-8 minutes at a 160°C stove.

Wrap the bread around the cone shaper utilizing the material paper to secure your fingers. Keep the cone on the shape for a moment or so until the point when its cooled.

Once cooled, dunk into dissolved chocolate and into the coveted garnish. Load with frozen yogurt and best with a wide range of treats.


prep time5Min

cooking time10Min

serving time4


Yummy ice cream cones with sliced white bread

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