Lovely Strawberry drink !!!!

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1 container mango juice (Orange Juice likewise functions admirably)

½ container yogurt

½ lb new or solidified strawberries, divided or quartered

½ lb new or solidified blueberries

1 banana

1 container pressed new spinach

Shower of nectar (around 1 Tbsp)


Include the fluid fixings initial: 1 glass mango (or orange) juice, ½ container yogurt.

Include the ½ lb strawberries, ½ lb blueberries, 1 banana (broken into a couple of segments). Mix until smooth.

Include the 1 container crisp spinach and shower with nectar to taste. Mix until the point that smooth and serve to the people excitedly holding up in line.


Yummy Drink !!strawberries, blueberries

I'm always hunting for new recipes and this one looks good, will try it

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