Condensed Milk with Iced Coffee !!! Drink

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½ lb Ground Coffee (~3¼ glasses)

8 glasses Boiling Water

8 glasses Ice Cold Water

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk


Pour ground espresso in an expansive warmth confirmation bowl or pot. Include 8 glasses bubbling boiling water. Mix to get the majority of the espresso beans wet at that point let it sit 5 minutes. (Note: if pounding your own particular espresso, don't granulate it too fine or it will go directly through your cheddar fabric).

On the off chance that you have a french press, put it through the press in a couple bunches, generally, Place the colander over a spotless, warm confirmation bowl or container and line the sifter with 6 layers of cheesecloth (this will get the stray espresso beans).

After the espresso is altogether stressed, dispose of the espresso beans and include 8 mugs super cold water to the espresso. Refrigerate until prepared to utilize. This focus keeps going 3 weeks to a month in the ice chest.

To serve, fill a tall glass or artisan jostle nearly to the best with ice. Pour your espresso think to the highest point of the ice. Include 1-2 Tbsp sweetened dense drain contingent upon the amount of a sweet tooth you have. Mix with a spoon until the dense drain is all around consolidated (it tends to sink to the base).

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