Truffles, an easy dessert to prepare

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Hello friends I hope you are well, yesterday I told you in my post that I did not feel well but I did not tell them I had a bad toothache, for those who have gone through this they know that the pain is terrible, and mine was constant very bad night and today I made my appointment with my dentist and I already have treatment and something provisional on the tooth while I do an X-ray and see the results.

Although a toothache produces everything up to bad mood, at this time I no longer have the pain just a simple annoyance and could not stop sharing my friends and followers this recipe that I consider one of the easiest in terms of desserts , all the ingredients are bought and made we mix and ready we have an exquisite snack for the little ones of the house or those adults that like me love to eat chocolate.


  • 1 Large package of cookies Mary or any other sweet cookie
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • A bar of chocolate or cocoa powder (may be that of chocolate drinks)
  • Chocolate rains or rain of colors (to decorate)


We crush all the cookies in a container until they are powdered, then in another container we mix the condensed milk with the previously melted chocolate or the cocoa powder (add the amount of chocolate to taste) if you like you can leave the chocolate without melting it will work the same way, after having them already mixed you proceed to incorporate this mixture little by little into the container where the cookies are while you go stirring. At the end you should have a consistency similar to the dough to make arepas, take it to the refrigerator until it cools; when they are cold, you take them out and form small balls with the mixture and raisins for a dish where you have previously placed the rain to decorate, then you put them in the fridge for a while longer and ready to eat.

As you can see in the first picture there are many decorations.


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Amiga estos dulcitos los hacía hace años y quedan muy ricos, es buena receta para hacer con los niños, con coco rallado por encima como la de la foto de arriba son mis favoritas, con permisito tomo una de cada una solo con motivos profesionales para decir cual es mas rica essen.gif


Amiga como estas, en verdad son muy deliciosos estos dulces, te mando un fuerte abrazo en la distancia!

ummm wow it is really tasty and easy to make . i will try this.


Thank you for your comment, try to do it is very easy and sure you fit very well

Hi @jennimorillo, Your Recipe is very good. I like to thank you for sharing. I'll try it.


Thanks to you for passing and leave me so nice comment

Excelente idea amiga para realizar en casa, gracias por compartir


A ti amiga por tu apoyo