Homemade corn cachapa

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Hello friends I hope you are well, I have a friend here in Steemit who grows his own vegetables since he has a beautiful farm, every week we learn something from him, in videos he shows us the process of everything until the end of harvest, he and his wife do an arduous job, apart from harvesting they take care of their animals and repair anything that has been damaged so I always learn new things with their post.

Today @Brimax took out their corn harvest and that brought to my memory a cachapa with cheese that is so famous in Venezuela, we can find them in many places of food and there are those who accompany it apart from cheese, fried pork, chicken and different fillings that everyone combines to their liking.

The cachapa is a delight and if we prepare it at home it is much tastier that's why I share the recipe, for every Venezuelan it's a delirium just thinking about the smell of corn cooking in the budare to make delicious Venezuelan cachapas. It is that who could resist to that smooth consistency and golden color with that so peculiar flavor of exquisite cachapas of corn.


  • 4 cups of tender corn (around 12 pieces).
  • 3 teaspoons of salt.
  • ¾ cup of sugar (or paper, if you like).
  • 1 cup of milk or water


The grandmothers used a mill to grind the corn and make the dough but I'm going to give them the procedure in a blender since not everyone has a mill at home. To start, peel and peel the chopped garlic with a sharp knife until you get about 4 cups of corn, put it in the blender, add some milk or water so as not to force the blender, but be aware that the dough does not get too hot. watery, then add the other ingredients and blend for a while until you get a homogeneous result, which is liquid but a little thick. Once the dough is ready with the help of a soup spoon, add a portion of the dough in a budare or pan previously greased with butter or oil. Do not forget to water the mixture until you create that peculiar circular shape of the Venezuelan cachapas. Let it cook for a while until it browns the face that gives the budare / skillet and turn it with subtlety to brown the other half without losing the shape that you already gave, and when both sides have that special gold remove them from the fire and ready . Then you can spread a little butter before putting the cheese on top. And if you're going to put ham on it too, then put it first and then add the cheese.


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Muy bueno y delicioso @mariateran


Gracias por pasar por mi blog

Uno de mis platos preferidos.


Ya somos dos amiga!