Have you ever eaten baked Spaghetti? - If you didn't, you should try it!

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Hi everyone. Today I would like to give you a very easy and delicious recipe. If you are a spagetti lover, I am sure you will love this too.. You need just 4 ingredients:

Thick spagetti
Bechamel sauce ( butter, flour, milk)
Any melting cheese

Firstly boil your spaghetti. Make sure you don't boil it full because it will be cooked in the oven also!

Than add half of your bachamel sauce and mix it well with spaghettis. Than add small diced parsleys and add tha left sauce on the top. Cover it with cheese.

And than cook it in the oven until you see the top red colour.
And happy end ;) I wish you like my recipe.

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Ow I didn't know that there is a community with the concept of cooking..I am so glad to hear you and join you!

Looking forward to get to know ya, 🍾🍕

Thank you so much!

Looks tasty :) Basically, any pasta can be baked, and you obtain a slightly different version of lasagnas (in my opinion). Must try asap!

It is really tasty ;) Yeah we can say a kind of lasagna but this doesn't contain meet. The important part is bechamel sauce. It should be enough to cover all spaghetti.. I would like to learn your ideas once you make it ;)

haha I will keep you up to date with my experimentations ^^

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