Oyster Steam Egg - An Easy and Simple Oyster Dish

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I enjoy eating oysters. Many people like to eat them raw, but I prefer eating them cooked.

I took a walk in the water to watch the sunset and checked my crab traps today. The water is no longer cold so it was very nice to stay in the water and watch the sunset. What a beautiful evening sky!

There were no crabs in the traps. However, there were sea snails and oysters so I took some home for dinner.

I am showing you a way I like to prepare my oysters.


  • Oysters
  • Egg
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Green onion
  • Water
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  • Steam oysters until the shells open (I used a microwave oven to save time)
  • Remove oysters from the shells
  • Cut ginger, garlic, and green onion into smaller pieces
  • Crack an egg
  • Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them up well
  • Steam until the juice is clear (Again I used a microwave oven)
  • Serve!


Snails and Oysters from My Walk Today


Shelled Oysters


Thank you for cooking with me today. I hope you enjoy it. See you next time.

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Thanks for this guideline on how to make a delicacy out of oysters. I feel like having a taste.

You're very welcome! This is a very simple dish. Anyone including me can make it. :) Thank you for stopping by today.

Thank you. my best friend @cheneats
But I didn't cook with you. I only know how to eat. lol

See..I said you are a friend of @cheneats

yes .. and i said : @cheneats is not my friend only ... she is the best

no worries. it was just worded strangely. all is well

Haha ... come join us. We'll feed you. :)

Do not miss anything. I'm very excited about it because I eat snail in our country to see it look very bad.

I grew up eating sea snails so I have no problem eating them. Food is really a culture thing, which depends on where you grew up and what you were fed ;) Thank you for stopping by :)

I like mamlet of egg but your making oysters is looking so attractive, I think it will be very testy. I will try to make it which you have shown in this description.

Thank you! It is very tasty. Let me know how it turns out for you if you do try it. Thank you for dropping by today.

I never eated that way looks good and tasty. Usualy I steam oysters until the shells open and after I add some litle bit of butter and lemon juice.

Yum ... oysters + butter and lemon juice! I have to try it next time. Thank you for stopping by today :)

I really crave this, very cool what you offer dear in your kitchen, I hope to taste it. Thank you dear @cheneats

It's a very simple and easy dish. Let me know how it turns out for you if you do try it. Thank you!

Haha In fact we guys are cooking things we have a tough show, and if we try it, the kitchen will become a heap of chaos

Just curious ... what things are you guys cooking? :)

I'm joking no more, just for some fun my sister @cheneats

Haha ... that's very funny ;)

Hh,I wish I had understood my first comment to laugh more

It's looking really yummy and delicious. Nice way to make your evening walk more rewarding:)

Haha ... one stone two birds ... exercise + food ... no many things are better than that. Thank you for stopping by today :)

see that is much better, thank you and yummy

It is my pleasure, my friend. Thank you for stopping by today :)