How to purchase, store and prepare mushrooms

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Mushrooms are not the easiest food. It is difficult to choose, it is necessary to store properly and be able to cook them deliciously. But to master these wisdoms, it is enough to remember only five rules.

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Do not buy packaged mushrooms

If possible, buy mushrooms by weight. You can collect as much as you need, check every mushroom, and it usually goes cheaper.

Choose strong mushrooms without stains and damage. A good mushroom is evenly colored, slightly moist and pleasantly smells of earthy freshness.

Do not store mushrooms in a plastic bag

In a moist environment mushrooms will quickly become soft and moldy. Store mushrooms in a paper bag in the main compartment of the refrigerator . Paper will circulate air and absorb excess moisture.

Keep mushrooms away from odorous foods

Mushrooms absorb the smells of other foods. So in the fridge place them as far as possible from cheese, onion or garlic, fragrant herbs and leftovers.

Clean mushrooms properly

Choose a method of cleaning mushrooms, depending on how you plan to cook them. For example, if you add them to the salad raw, you should not wash them. Mushrooms absorb water like a sponge, you do not want to get a kissel instead of a salad? So wipe them with a paper towel. If the dirt does not wipe off, a little wet paper towel.

If you plan to mushrooms cook or fry, you can wash them in water. Each mushroom inspect and remove the dirt with your fingers, then dry the mushrooms on a paper towel.

And again we remember the ability of mushrooms to absorb water. So that your fry does not turn into mushroom porridge, take a large frying pan. Mushrooms should lie on it in one layer and freely enough that the water that is released from them evaporates easily.

And do not spare oil, whether vegetable or creamy. Mushrooms absorb it quickly and can burn. Cook on medium or high heat, so that the water quickly evaporates.

If you do everything right, you will get mouth-watering fried mushrooms of the right brown color. Bon Appetit!

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I've got to say I love mushrooms. I don't really follow any of your rules but each to their own, eh? It's kind of weird that I like them when I consider my mother never cooked them at home so I must have been at least ten years old before I first tasted them. I've more than made up for the late start though!