Am going AFS (Away from Steem) for a few days, but when I'm back.....

in recharge •  last year 

Am going to take a little break from Steem for a few days,

But don't worry,

I just need to recharge after LoveBox but I am working hard and when I'm back I'm sure you'll like what I've been up too. I dug out Ableton again and after seeing one of my fave artists Mall Grab at the festival I'm amped up to up the production game and finally produce something that if I forgot I created it I would have on a playlist

Big love and enjoy this little price pump ;) - and also shoutsout to @acidyo for helping me with my ByteBall accreditation,he and others have been helping people be able to claim and just shows the power of the community when we all get together like that! Massive thank you brother

bostock x
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