Rebus - Ispired by @barcisz - Dollar Prize for the winner!

in rebus •  2 years ago

This is my first try. Be Gentle!!!

The post is inspired by barcisz' Rebuses

The first one to correctly solve the official answer gets the Grans Prize - 1.000 SBD!


Have fun!

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This post is hit heavily by up vote bots... a ton of them but all of them not amounting to even a single penny of overall reward....


haha...I had the same 101 votes for $1


Do not reply! :)
It might trigger avalanche effect buy wang and then its followers and it might hit a good $3.00 payout!!!

81 votes and no answer? Aren't you looking for "Sandwich"? 😀


We have A WINNER


Wow! What have we learned? Bots can't solve a rebus.

So with the prize 1 SBD ... this post COST you money {grin}

Nice one! 😁