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Sometimes, we found a good article and want to resteem it in our blog.


It's very easy to do it with steemit.com, just click resteem button under the article, all things done!

But if the article was posted before 7 days, things are different, we CAN NOT find out resteem button at all.

What? Where is the resteem button? How to resteem this article? Do you feel depressed when you find a good article but you can't resteem it?

Now, Let's say goodbye to this situation! With SteemConnect, we can resteem any article which posted any time! And most importantly, it's very convenient and safe enough.

Now, let's begin.


  • First, open the article in browser, so we can get the URL of it.
    For example, the article made by @ned 8 days ago, the URL is:

  • There are several parts in that URL, but there are only two parts we need to concern about:
    The auhour: ned
    The Permlink: smts-explainer-centralized-vs-decentralized-blockchain-rewards-copyright-rev-shares-video

  • Now, our hero debut.
    Open https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/
    Select Reblog

  • Complete this form with the information we got in previous step.

  • Click the blue button to generate link and we got following result.

  • Click TRY LINK button, it will take us to a confirm page.

  • Click CONTINUE button, it will take us to a log in page.

    (Keep in mind: Confirm that you are on steemconnect.com before entering your password)

  • Log in with your steemit account and posting private key

    (Keep in mind: Always use posting private key instead of password)

  • Click SIGN IN button to finish this opration

  • Check our blog

    Wow, we resteemed the article made by @ned 8 days ago successfully.


With SteemConnect, It's very easy to reblog/resteem articles which posted 7 days ago.

Now, let's reblog/resteem good articles we indeed like.😀






  • 确保你登陆的是SteemConnect
  • 转发文章使用Posting 私钥即可,不要用密码

(封面图源 :pixabay)

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Thanks! Exactly what I needed to resteem a post older than 7 days. @busy.org why do we need to provide an Active Key for a "reblog" operation? Shouldn't we be able to accomplish this with just our Posting Key?


其实也有好多事情干不了 😀

I am sorry to hear that, :(

Thanks for sharing this. I think I tried to resteem an article older than 7 days with busy.org and it worked. Didn't know you can do it directly in Steemconnect. It makes sense, probably use the same logic.

steemconnect是 busy的产品哦


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looking nice

That's pretty slick, I'm gonna try steemit connect and see what all the hype is all about.
Looks like a nice interface.

Thanks for sharing the info @oflyhigh.
You got a new follower with this post!
Keep them coming!!

You are welcome!




Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :]

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing. I've found this post to be of great help. Best wishes,
@splendorhub logo.png


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thank you.

Thank you for the trick! The Steemit UI doesn't provide a bookmark function, so I usually use restreem to mark useful post, haha.

如果再加个类似微信上的收藏功能就好了 😀


Oh.. it's such a useful tip , I have always wandered how can I keep tracks of some articles that I couldn't able to resteem anymore ... thank you

You are welcome!

You are welcome!


Nice! I was wondering how to resteem posts that are more than 7 days old!

Thank you.



酷喔!!! :D

What is steemconnect @oflyhigh

You can get more details here:

good article..didnt know about this though..thanks a million ,upped


Dude who is this @twinkledrop? sending spams

It's an account that was taken over via phishing and no longer in control of the owner. It's being used to spread more phishing links.

Oh thanks


据说安全 ;)

It's nice to see that the tools we develop at busy.org are used and shared ! Thank you for this article.

useful article

So, basically the Resteem button is removed of the interface on Steemit, even when the post can still be Resteemed?

Just found this through google because i am having that exact problem.

My upvote here doesn't count for anything anymore, but I at least wanted to say thanks!




Hi! It's March and I just resteemed this post! Thank you!