Rebel Media is done. Southern & Posobiec take hush money.

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Rebel Media is done. Southern & Posobiec take hush money.

Unlike other so called "truthers" I don't hold back, this is the truth about the implosion of Rebel Media and the hush money going around. Recently Caolan Robertson released a video about how Ezra Levant pays employees leaving the Rebel hush money to ensure they won;t expose people to the scam artist operation that Rebel Media is. Taking their listeners money for "charitable causes" when they are already funded and doing whatever they wanted with the cash, including offering huge sums of money to keep their ex reporters quiet.

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So now that Rebel Media is completely toast. What does this mean for Jack Posobiec and Lauren Southern who both lied about the reasons why they left, and took the hush money and lied to their audiences for months? Lauren Southern's video about going independent has been seen by almost 500k people and it was 100% lies. Same with Jack Posobiec's announcement about going independent. Neither of them cared enough about their audience to tell them the truth, they cared more about the money.

Lauren "goes independent", "I have been meaning to go independent for awhile, I can't get into why" - she took the hush money and signed a contract to stay silent she admits it herself in this video, in fact this entire video is evidence that @LaurenSouthern is a liar and a scumbag:

Jack Posobiec The Rebel's DC Bureau Chief, Navy Intelligence Officer, Political Operative self proclaimed:

Jack Posobiec promotes FOAK, Proud Boys Political Cults:

Jack Posobiec caught plagiarizing at the Rebel:

Well Rebel Media has absolutely 0 integrity left, and the rats are now jumping off the sinking ship as they are all leaving or getting fired for doing interviews like Faith J Goldy. Real free speech zone at Rebel Media isn't it? Fired for just doing an interview, nothing about the content, just you interviewed with Daily Stormer so you are fired. Lulz. Just watch those subs drop, good bye Rebel Media.

As for Lauren Southern and Jack Posobiec, all I want to know is... How much is the truth worth to you? How much did it cost Ezra to buy your silence about Rebel Media?

Since neither of them have any credibility left, don't expect them to tell you the truth about this either. As for the other truthers like Dan Dicks @PressforTruth, who kissed Lauren's ass over this whole thing. Your credibility is severely lacking lately. Your displayed ignorance on PizzaGate is astonishing for one, and your obvious possible financial ties to Jeff Berwick (a flat earth scam artist) are a conflict of interest, and lastly this latest video you did on the Rebel Media implosion where you kiss Lauren's ass is pathetic, she took the hush money, open your eyes.

This is what you actually need to know about this Rebel Media implosion. It proves Rebel Media is a scam organization here to make money. It proves that Jack Posobiec and Lauren Southern care more about money than the truth as they let Rebel media continue to scam people after they left and both lied about why they left. Posobiec as documented above was already well known as a liar and a scam artist who blatantly plagiarizes content. All of these characters that came out of the Rebel are liars and charlatans, stop trusting them and stop trusting the people helping them spread their fake left versus right paradigm that is ruining this country we live in.

This release also revealed the Rebel Media has "large wealthy financiers", and considering their completely slanted view on Israel, I wonder who those financiers could be, hmm maybe Zionists. Interesting that Posobiec, Southern and everyone at Rebel media won't touch on the Zionism topic isn't it? Hope the money was worth losing all your credibility.

If you want real INDEPENDENT news, please follow me. I will never take hush money ever.

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Just hate biased Medias. Most of them are paid for it.

it great work @titusfrost thank you for this

Thanks for covering this Titus. As I have been saying in my recent comments on the SGT Report blog, a number of alt media sources need to be reviewed very closely. There are some great independent media sources out that they I'm convinced have their hearts in the right place like yourself, SGT Report, Truthstream Media, and Face Like the Sun. However there are plenty of others that are about opportunism, fraud, disinformation, and infiltration. It is absolutely necessary to put all of these questionable alt news outlets under the lens of deeper scrutiny and review what they are really up to. As this latest story proves, there are clearly pied piper alt media sources out there that we all need to be wary of and call out as needed. Bravo to Coalan for doing so with The Rebel media and bravo to you for sharing and calling out all the associated sellouts as well.

very beautiful and wonderful

Laura is hot, but her "look at me upholding conservative values" always had some sort of appeal to audience in it.

I always felt like Rebel itself is an infection that tries to corrupt the truther movement. Glad they are gone, but sad so many fell for it. Wait, are they gone now?