the bull market is here but you're still poor as fuck, can we talk about it?

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I don't want to be a jerk here...


this is what my morning looks like :-P

but when the bull market starts, it's the worst time to celebrate.

either you were already winning before the bull market, or you aren't winning now.

the people who win when the prices go up -- they're the ones who have thousands upon thousands of tokens invested, across many currencies, held in cold storage in multiple locations. they have the millions or the billions of dollars. they aren't struggling to earn a few bucks. in the words of newt gingrinch, they're hunting antelopes. you're hunting field mice.

if you're in poverty, like me, working your way up from next-to-nothing -- remember, the bull market is not your friend.

you won't get rich off of market movements. it won't change your day-to-day. you can only build wealth through investing -- that is a process that takes DECADES. there's a reason people talk about "generational wealth"

you can't build your day-to-day money through investing in the crypto markets.

you'll never get rich from market movements

my theory is that the only reliable way to move from financially poor to financially comfortable is through hard mfin' work. you gotta work that 10, 12, 14 hours a day, like gary vaynerchuk says.

but the work is strange and elusive for artists -- don't spend 14 hours a day tweeting, it won't work. for me, it's all kinds of things -- reading, journaling, meditating, rehearsing, recording, blogging, thinking, pursuing conversations with interesting people, pursuing romance, pursuing excitement, pursuing adventure. every two moments are different.

we must learn to be happy and stable in uncertain and unusual circumstances. to thrive within the chaotic flux of life.

the first step is to understand: the bull market is here. now everybody will act happy and stupid for a while. can you avoid the illusion, understand that a bull market is a disadvantage to those who aren't already invested, and prepare to work even harder?

i intend to be a champion. fuck this bull market -- i have a LOT of work to do so i can invest in time for the bull market of 2030. that's how i'll make enough money to fund big projects later in my life. for now... it's time for the work.

how do you feel about the cryptocurrency bull market?


time to work harder

So true...

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I have no idea why i just read this bullshit ... let me tell you this, working 14 hours a day (for an employer) won’t bring you fortune, it will give you a burn out. Theoretically the bull market gives you more opportunities to make money then a bear. Daytrading is more easy during bullcycles, and you should have used the last 1,5 years to invest in promising projects that you believe will increase a thousand fold. Or just saved your sats. Also ... i agree with a part that you said ... 2030 is the time when all of this pays out ... then crypto partially matured. Succes Dude

You can't day trade your way to wealth. The idea that day trading is smart, yet working lots of hours for a job is bad... that's just some sillyness.

with what money, do you intend to "invest in promising projects?"

unless you already have $10,000s or $1,000,000s of dollars, there's no path to substantial earnings through investing. if you do have that kind of money, why are you even reading my blog? and if you don't have "big money" -- trust me, working 10 hours a day at a job will be a much more effective path to earnings than thru pie-in-the-sky investing.

you just can't earn by investing without a lot of starting capital. if you don't have starting capital, the grind is to earn and save that capital by working jobs.

I read his comment as referring to working harder on your art. Or focussing on your content creation..

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Right. Holding some cryptocurrency while doing food delivery so I don't have to sell. It's been frustrating. Just keeping reminding myself that it's a 2020 bet. Just one more year!

yeah it can feel frustrating. at least you have that positive momentum. of course who knows if 2020 will be the exact year :-P i'm ready to wait it out, could be 2025 or 2032 for all we know, i mean it took something like 40 years to get from networked computing v1.0 to mainstream internet services.

Right. 2020 is definitely not retirement year or anything. But maybe it will be enough to sell just smidge to pay off some bills so I'm literally not a debt slave ☺. Well wishing right lol. But anyway. Still only buying $5 paycheck while I'm living paycheck to paycheck. I won't be rich. Just better than the others.

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