My Life is Like Flowing Water

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This is a message for myself in the past. How I have realized his consciousness after years of being calculated and exceeded. Nothing is more beautiful when we can finally find out who we are and what the world is for. If I may ask, do we know ourselves? What happens to your life's purpose and what are your guidelines for going through these days? What are you going through everything? Are you sure of what you've been doing all this time?

Don't be tall if you dream, later if you fall it hurts a lot. I swallowed the sentence in the belief that everyone has a different outlook and mindset. I respect all people's opinions, because there is nothing wrong with worry.

But in the end I found something very important, it was experience and practice that differentiated everything. And I? Will continue to dream as high as the sky. Because I? Is there a dream chaser.

Like running water is my habit during school, nothing special, and not many important things for me to remember. Why? Because apparently at that time it was not a goal that was truly achieved by me.

If only my mind could now be in my body and youth first. I often think like that, or maybe you have? Suppose it can be time-consuming? Return to the past that we want to? Things that might not happen but sometimes are always wanted. Is not it?

Dreams don't come to people who don't dare to dream. Dreams will never stop by those who only dare to follow the flow of water, without wanting to fight the flow of water in a crowd. Always being in a comfortable place is my hobby, avoiding mathematics, forgetting the importance of English vocabulary which until now has been the last regret. The age zone is really dangerous if you don't intend to be good more and more. There is no higher ladder without risk, because you have to be brave to bring the extraordinary energy that is in you.

Do not let your life like water flowing, where the current goes you will go, even if you go to a dirty place will you continue to follow?

Don't feel shy or strange if your attitude is different from the others, as long as you are sure of the direction of your life? You will continue to advance, towards a best place with the path you have traveled full of goodness. Oppose the flow of water, hit the stones that block, every obstacle or trial that you go through is in fact an extraordinary gift. Take wisdom in every problem that pounces your life and mind.

Because the direction of flowing water will always go down, what do you want your precious life to slowly reach the lowest point? Life must be staring and directed, if at this time you do not know where you should direct your steps then know yourself first, who are you really? What is your happiness? What things always make you excited in going through the day? Things that don't make you feel tired while doing it? And what is your dream? What is your dream? What is the purpose of your life? What did you do it for? For what reason do you have to achieve that dream? The big questions in life that you must answer before everything starts.

Life basically forces us to stand firm against the current, but if your step is slow you will drift along with water to the end which is not yet clear. Setting goals is not about how you are strong in attitude, standing, stepping then running and getting up if you fall in the arms of failure.
Do not appreciate this precious life of your life like herbs do not appreciate the breath that you often remember how good it is.

So many problems and sadness that you keep remembering, all the pleasures you forget. Now it's good to realize that every breath we breathe is a pleasure that we are always grateful for.
Believe that you will be able to realize your dreams, no matter how high. If you are full of endeavor with clarity and prayer that continues to dwell in faith in your dreams.

Your current steps are very decisive.

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