Our plan to be more decentralized in fair reward distribution on RealityHubs

Hello RealHubbers!

One of our ultimate goals at Realityhubs is to have the masses (content creators and curators) learn about the platform and utilize the technology behind it (Steem Blockchain) to monetize their content. One of the ways which we want to achieve this is by using Realityhubs stake (RHB POWER). We are very much concerned about the success of the project, and for this reason, we want to delegate some of our stakes to like-minded individuals.

We believe this is a huge step in the right direction and we are excited to bring this lovely news to your knowledge. Before anyone apply as a curator, below are the rules guiding this process.

  • Applicant must have made at least 20 quality reviews on Realityhubs
  • Applicant must not have any record of abusive behavior such as plagiarism and vote farming.
  • Applicant must have at least 30,000 RHB staked. This shows your support for the community.

Applicants must meet the highlighted criteria before we consider their application for a review. This is to ensure that all applicant understands the kind of contents within the scope of the platform and that our shared stakes are properly managed and utilized. We hope that with these stern criteria, we’ll prevent our stakes from slipping into wrong hands. And consequently, our stake will be distributed to dedicated, fair, and serious curators.

Commitment Agreement

As part of the application process, applicants must show their willingness agreeing that they will support only quality contents (Content that falls within the scope of the platform) and will fight any form of abuses with the delegated stake.

Legitimate Use of Delegations

  • Rewarding quality content creators.
  • Fighting abuses such as Vote farming, tag abuses, plagiarism, and any other activities that are detrimental to the RealityHubs platform.

Illegitimate Use of Delegations

The delegations must never be used to enrich the recipient in any circumstances through self upvotes or bidding.

The recipient must not use the delegation in any exploitative way that may cause harm to the RealityHubs community.

Delegation Recipient Obligations

Recipients of the delegation must conduct themselves with the highest regards for the platform and its community.

All Recipients must not use the stake in a way that is harmful to the platform and its community

All Recipients must leave a constructive feedback comment on every content they curate.

Call for immediate delegation withdrawal

Recipients should keep in mind that should it be brought to our attention that a curator is abusing its delegated stake (RHB Power), with genuine reasons, we will not hesitate to remove the delegation immediately. This may be done with or without prior notice.

Delegation Application Format

In other to apply for a delegation from Realityhubs team, applicants must submit their interest as a post through the platform (www.realityhubs.com) in the format listed below and include the tag: "reality-delegation"

  • Give a brief introduction of yourself and what you do.
  • Mention challenging positions you have held or tasks you have handled both on and outside the Steem blockchain.
  • In one paragraph and using the sub-heading “Delegation Application Reasons”, state why you should be considered for the delegation.
  • Describe the kind of content you want to curate ( e.g Product reviews, Nature reviews, Visuals reviews, etc.)
  • Include your contact detail (Preferably, Discord username)


The amount to be delegated to each verified (approved) applicant is 400,000 (Four hundred thousand) RHB Power.

The delegated RHB Power amount is set at The team's discretion and may be subjected to change based on the number of applications and or the value of RHB.

All delegations will be re-evaluated every three months of which verified applicants must publish a brief overview of their activities every first week of the month with the hash-tag "reality-overview"


The benefits of this approach will affect both the general community and the delegatees (curators).

  1. We hope that by delegating our stakes to several other "trustworthy" community members, curation would be efficiently delivered. Thus increasing the rate at which quality reviews are rewarded. Aside from that, we hope that it'll spur community members to write and publish quality reviews. As we have reiterated in previous announcements, quality reviews are good for the reviewer, and prospective consumers.

  2. As a delegatee (curator), you get to keep curation rewards to yourself and your team (if you have one). This benefit is directly proportional to your curation activities. However, we'll be forced to act if this privilege is abused.

Final words

As we continue to create a better environment for all Realityhubbers, we are not relenting until we achieve our aims and objectives, which is driving the platform to the top, and making all users feel at home.

All our achievements in this short time are not without due recognition to every single community member. Everyone who has joined the platform published a review and bought some reality tokens. We are grateful for your continued trust in our platform, and it (your trust) is the force that propels us to be better.

If you are sure of contributing your quota to the platform through the curation of quality contents, join the crusade, and your service will be much appreciated.

Let the applications roll in! Good luck!!

RealityHubs Team


Good job people
!giphy fair+reward

Great step towards the true decentralisation.
I have one question is there any way that I can or others can participate in the airdrop or is over for the time being.

@opb !vote post 1sbd

This is a good idea.
I am wondering if a candidate should use an alternative account to prevent possible retribution for working to combat abuse.
Plus I think this makes it easier to separate the two entities and allow the candidate can continue to work towards building their stake in Realityhubs with their original account. The alternative account should be known so RHB admin knows you are enriching your original account. I assume they shouldn’t upvote their origin account ever to maintain a clear sense of propriety.

Does that sound workable?

Hi, @shortsegments. Sure, this is workable. We'll definitely reach out to applicants via a direct message before sending out a delegation if they are qualified.

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It's another tribe, hope you find the trusted curator.

Being an honest curator is not easy at all.

Having been working alongside with my own awesome "tribe" (that does not need a SCOT any time soon haha) for the past 2 years, working along side with your curator teams are very important.

Even though most of us are fairly busy with our own day jobs respectively (one has got to put food on the table) my team's relentless time spent to check on the community's content and curate them whenever they can is admirable and greatly appreciated.

I do hope you can find the right curator. The more responsible curators who can work together and watch over each other (keeping accountable) is very important to keep abuses at bay, and building one's integrity as a great curator team as a whole.

Cheers from #teammalaysia

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Make sense

@opb !vote post 1steem

Click this link to bid an amount of 1steem for the post: Our plan to be more decentralized in fair reward distribution on RealityHubs written by @realityhubs.info

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Doesn't look like its working well with all the endless spam and promotion here on Steem. Is this moderated by the community?

Hi there @exscudo. I am not sure I understood your question correctly. This is for the RealityHubs tribe. Consider checking out the interface.


this is really informative good writing I like it

I'd love to join and I'm glad there is some solid requirements to be a curator. I have the stake, I will continue to post reviews I think i'm on 4 or 5 now once I hit 20 i'll make my application, thank you so much. bookmarked this post :P

Hello there @chekohler. We look forward to seeing your application.


Seems like you've got a solid plan moving forward. Interested to see how this progresses. :)

Best of luck for choosing right candidate for curator. This is very good initiative by team. I like the spirit of team. Cheers !

@realityhubs.info, Very effective step team. Hope that soon you will going to find and recruit effective Curators who will bring more growth to this Ecosystem and with that will going to reflect the Transperancy and Decentralised Structure. My good wishes are with you team.

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Well this is some good approach... curation is crucial and its glad to see you guys taking steps to ensure platform users are fairly rewarded for creating content on the platform

A very clear explanation from you, and the team of hard workers who have brought #Realityhubs to this point. hopefully some decent curator candidates will be seen and understand the purpose of the team's goals. and 400k delegates of power, which is extraordinary for platform growth.
Unfortunately I have not provided a review here

You can join and start contributing . One good thing is every good review get upvotes from the realityhubs account, and most community members are not stingy with their votes. Try and see how it works out.

This is an interesting update. Thanks so much to the reality hubs team for the great work you are doing. This will indeed increase the rate of quality reviews on the platform that will add value to the platform in the long run.

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