Reality Check: How Prevalent is the Global Child Sex Trade in the U.S.?

in realitycheck •  9 months ago

It’s a disheartening statistic: the child sex trafficking market is resulting in more than 1 million children abused around the world each year. So how has this market proliferated? And what's being done to address it in the U.S.? This is Reality Check you won't get anywhere else.

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Glad you mentioned it Ben. They don't talk about it because of who it would affect. Anyone dialed into this sickness knows that this is a systemic issue and a Satanic issue as well. To many powerful people feel the urge to satisfy themselves at the expense of a child. It was music to my ears when Trump signed that order giving law enforcement the power to take away the elites resources that are caught up in this sick child trafficking scheme.

This is such a horrible topic because it's so "icky", but it's one of the most important things that needs to be eliminated in terms of being a problem. People who have actual evidence against them in regards to harming a child ought to be put to the guillotine - that would be a better deterrent than any kind of prison sentence (3 hots and a cot for a child rapist / sex trafficker is being too kind!)

I'd like to see more stories on Pizzagate, Ben. Now you're free to cover it, with being fired.

Thank you for covering so many important topics, and covering them so well!

The 'journalists' who don't cover this are just as gross and guilty as the people who are buying these children. What sick people there are in this world.

Good post

It's good to see organizations fighting against this horrendous crime. Human trafficking and those who take part in it need to come to a swift end.

Disgusting :(

Wow that is so disturbing. It always boggles my mind when I see some of the headlines like this whole Facebook privacy thing. Nothing is private on the internet... but then you hear about this and no one says anything or even talks about. I smell the illuminati forcing media coverage to not talk about who's in demand because someone is bound to turn up.. oye. This is a sick world we live in. 😔😔


"Disturbing" is the perfect word. When I first started reading about topic, I stopped eating.

So sad. I am happy more people are waking up!! Our children are our future. God bless them. Thanks for sharing this post on this important issue @benswann

Law enforcement is part of the problem. They are protecting their own. If thousands/millions of us took it to the streets with billboards and picket signs calling out all the names of every official who is profiting by this, MAYBE it would get more notice. I suggest staging an event in front of the White House by showing support of Trump's Dec. 21st executive order to end human trafficking/corruption. How many people even know of that EO?

I would imagine that the people involved in child sex trafficking are powerful people who can hide their nefarious activities. They would have to be very well off to afford that kind of illicit behavior and able to buy privacy and secrecy. It is so disgusting, but probably widespread in the elite world. It makes me think of Lolita Island. I hope the walls come tumbling down and these sick people are eventually exposed.

I love Reality Check and Ben you are the shizznit, but DTube needs to stop this whole, "I don't know how to buffer a video" nonsense. It's 2018 and I've got a very fast internet connection. I am trying to not watch it on YouTube, but it is taking like 10 minutes to buffer this video.

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This is a really bad trend. The depravity of some people is appalling.

Great reporting Ben. I would like more real journalists to press this issue, but unfortunately, the most power people in the world have ways to silence it.

So glad you found Steemit @benswann

  • Thanks for shedding light on this sickness...

Thank you for speaking out about this issue!