Coping with our daughter's new face - BBC News

in #reality5 years ago

I can't believe what happen to her, it's such a tragic story of her life. She's a very beautiful woman and I am so sorry for what happen to her and at the same time I am thankful that she had a second life and I know how hard it is for her to cope up with her new life and second life but I wish and pray for her happiness and embrace the reality of her second life. I also remember before that my uncle put his gun at the top of the cabinet and my cousin get the gun cause he is very curious about that gun and accidentally push the trigger, my aunt are so nervous and when they found out they are so scared and angry at my cousin but we are so thankful that no one gets hurt and he never gut hurt. So I guess to the people who had gun please put your gun oy hide your gun safely that no one or no body can find it except you. Specially kids are so smart to find things that are hidden. I feel so sorry for this beautiful woman Katie. God bless her.

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