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in reality •  9 months ago 

I made life just like sand. Its found everywhere and it will slip through your hands.

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Hey @lordgod I prayed to you in 1977 so that my mom would let me stay up past 9:30pm to watch the end of The Black Sheep Squadron and she never would. You're a dick.


I Am everything

And just like sand, we can be productive with our live.
Build castles off it and erect legendary pyramids from the sand (lives) you made.

May our sand (lives) not lie wasting by the sea shores.

Excelente reflexión sobre la manera que Dios hizo la vida,. Siempre tenemos presente la vida cada dia y se escapa cada dia, cada hora, solo todo saber utilizar las mejores decisiones para que no sea en vano la vida

well that is indeed the fascinating thing out in the creation !