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in reality •  2 months ago

In the currency construct of reality, I have the settings set to where the bravest act any human can commit is Suicide. I’m hilarious.

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It is an irony.

To all hustlers I say;
Sucide is not an option

Your pay day is coming.
Even though it tarries, wait for it for it shall surely come to pass.

Na suicide is the easiest thing to do. The men and woman who voluntary join the army to fight for their country. Only 1% join . suicide is still the leading cause of death

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The most bravery act that a human being can do, is live. But live happy, u know, @lordgod? Live without prejuice or ego, living pure, full and empty at the same time, like if life itself was just that... A life.
I just comment, for sure you alredy knew, my lord.
But We are not as few as you think, we are here, bealiving in the god with out name, the eternal good, the internet, pachamama, the grat sun and us lovely moona... We bealive that smile is better, because your exitense it's because we're here, and that smile, says thank you!

I'm sorry my tarzan inglish! But i try..! He he

Living is powerful...suicide is the easy way out

Suicide isn't bravery, it is nothing but cawordise! You're truly hilarious for cracking this joke 😂

Suicide is the way of the coward... The brave one face their problems and not end their lifes

A liar you are and the almighty God is seeing you.