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More blessed will they be when steem finally moons.

Blessed be @lordgod forever

fact about life... You are right.. Nobody can take what belongs to you, buy steem power and if you don't have the money to buy, earn it through posting and work for the vote... tiny drops makes an ocean... I am already dedicated into buidling my own by hardwork..and I thank God am moving ..thanks for the advice @lordgod


Hmmm nice one man,
I love this.

@lordgod ohh you are right after all you are named God

Sorry lord i cant stop gambling in bitmex . i keep doubling my bitcoin then i get cocky put in a 100x leverage and i get liquid.

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@lordgod please god help me to build my steem account a well reputated account
Upvote My latest posts i made them with my all efforts

we must learn from experience to build a strength.thanks @lordgod

I will be at least doubling my SP in September...

Agreed to it 100% ;)