Meet "dAppstore": The world’s first consumer-ready Dapp marketplace Designed Just for You

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Hello guys! Greetings to you. I stumbled across this platform some minutes ago and I decided to share it with my fellow steemians. It is an online store to access to a good number of quality games and applications and get to play with them. The store is known as dAppstore.

What is dAppstore?

dAppstore also known as Decenternet's Decentralized App's Store is another unique addition to the popular Osiris Web Browser that gives you access to your favorite decentralized applications, allows you to use them while enjoying all the mouthwatering benefits that the Decenternet promotes.

dAppstore is the world's first market place designed mainly for consumers, and allows dApps to run in a seamless manner without the unwanted annoyances or problems of installing plug-ins, extra extensions or wallets. Users are provided with incentives for creating, using or playing these games and applications at their own comfort.

Why dAppstore?

  1. Decenternet's Decentralized App's Store also referred to as dAppstore have a familiar user interface that gives users a free riding experience without any difficulty while using the platform.

  2. Another interesting feature about Decenternet's Decentralized App's Store is that it provide supports for synchronization on various devices such as mobiles, PC and others. Thus, it is readily available and accessible to users.

  3. The fact that it is a decentralized store give it that unique feature of giving more freedom to its users than traditional app stores.

In conclusion, dAppstore is definitely a great place to try out cool decentralized Applications, as Decenternet is known to be one of the world first virtual economies to be fully decentralized. And as such, I strongly recommend that you check them out using this link .

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Finally able to comment on your post after such a long long time

Really learn a lot about dAppstore after going through your post. Might check them out if need be.

This will sure be a good place to be. Nicely written. Thanks for sharing.

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Damn. Do they have Samourai?

DAppstore is set to create a difference and give quality service to its users. This is exactly what I think after going through this nicely written article of yours.

This is well written. I should check out dAppstore when am free.

Should be able to check out some nice games and apps there. Thumbs up.

This is awesome.

Hey @coininstant, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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