The first commercial blockchain designed to revolutionalise trading in real estate.

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Aqarchain is the first Decentalized real estate trading platform. We are providing a blockchain based online marketplace for property sellers and buyers without any intermediaries. Our proprietary smart contract technology gives our customers unprecedented control over their transactions, while ensuring transparency and security of transactions throughout the process. It is a new innovative platform which gives opportunity to the investors to invest in real estate directly without any middleman, exchange or brokers. The Aqarchain platform is live now and you can invest in properties on it.

Aqarchain is a blockchain based Decentalised Crypto Platform that helps investors to invest in Real Estate. We are working on the most innovative approach for investing real estate by developing an advanced technology platform which will make it possible for people to invest in real estate through cryptocurrency. Decentalised real estate trading platform. Aqarchain is a global decentralized platform for exchange of properties, built on blockchain technology. It enables the direct purchase and sale of real estate between buyers and sellers in an honest, secure, transparent manner.

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Aqarchain is the first commercial real estate blockchain in Pakistan. We are aiming to revolutionise the way real estate is traded by providing a decentralised blockchain platform for all parties involved in the trade of properties. Aqarchain is a revolutionary new platform that aims to revolutionise the real estate industry. It helps investors buy, sell or trade properties quickly and easily, while also helping governments manage public land.


Our mission is to decentralize real estate trading by enabling you to buy and sell properties on the Aqarchain platform without any third party. This will remove all barriers and intermediaries involved in the process and give more control and transparency over your trades.

Aqarchain is a platform for buying and selling real estate assets. It provides transparent and decentralized real estate transactions using Blockchain technology without the need of any third party. Aqarchain is a decentralized real estate trading platform that will allow users to buy and sell properties with the use of blockchain technology.

It is a Decentralised real estate trading platform. Aqarchain provides security and transparency to the real estate transactions and investment by providing the features of blockchain technology, which ensures the timely transfer of money, information sharing and transparency. Aqarchain is a decentralised crypto real estate trading platform. It has the potential to disrupt the way real estate is traded across borders and overcomes the pitfalls of traditional real estate by giving power back to the users through blockchain technology.

Aqarchain aims to change the real estate sector by creating a safe, transparent and secure path for buying and selling properties. It will help to create a decentralised community-driven marketplace which provides access to properties from all over the world. The Aqarchain Decentralized Crypto Blockchain (DBCB) is a platform for all real estate related dealings where multiple parties can participate in a deal and execute it through smart contracts.

We are a team of developers, blockchain enthusiasts and real estate professionals. We created AQRchain to provide an easy, secure, transparent and decentralized way of buying or selling real estates.



Aqarchain is a platform for buying and selling real estate properties on the blockchain. The main features we offer include:

Aqarchain is a blockchain based platform for buying and selling real estate and land. It will simplify the process of buying and selling of properties by digitizing the entire process. It will also help in legalizing, dematerialization and registration of property documents which are currently held in physical format thus reducing the corruption at the government level.

It is a decentralized real estate trading platform that aims to disrupt the way real estate investments are carried out in Pakistan. Instead of buying properties from developers, investors will be able to buy shares of different projects directly from the company itself. This would give them access to even better deals and returns on their investments.

Aqarchain is a cutting-edge technology platform for real estate developers to conduct business more efficiently, with enhanced security and reduced costs. It offers a high-performance solution that allows property owners and brokers to trade both privately and publicly listed properties across the globe.

Aqarchain empowers real estate investors and developers with an easy, safe and transparent way to invest in real estate assets. We provide a platform that allows different market participants to come together and buy or sell real estate assets, such as land plots and apartments. The Aqarchain platform is a blockchain based real estate trading platform that can be use for buying and selling of properties/land from private sellers.

Aqarchain is a Decentralized Real Estate Trading Platform. It lets the users to buy, sell and trade real estate assets in a secure way. The platform is built on top of blockchain technology which ensures security, transparency and trust between sellers and buyers. It is a decentralised platform for real estate trading. The platform can be used to trade any kind of real estate like houses, offices, apartments ,land etc. Aqarchain is a platform for real estate trading on blockchain that brings together investors and property owners. It provides an opportunity to invest in the real estate sector by buying tokens.



We have taken a look at the Aqarchain platform and have found it to be a very well thought out and a very useful tool for establishing a transparent and trustworthy real estate market. We hope you found our review useful and if you have any questions please contact us at

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