Thanks for asking -yes -I am in Fresno - I put together a meetup group close to 3 years ago and we get together every other week and talk about investment opportunities in Fresno - we also use it as a chance to get to meet other investors and potential future partners and line up funding for future projects. We have a lot of fun and have made some great partnerships. I've really grown my network by connecting with people who are interested in the same thing I am ..

any passive investors in that group? I am from Bay Area so active role would be difficult

yes - we have investors who are passive - people like doctors and lawyers who don't want to get too involved in the day to day operations - but like getting a rental check every month - most of the cash flowing deals right now require either all cash or a high down payment - If you have cash - there are some good deals to be found - trying to finance something is going to be more difficult in today's market.

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