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The blockchain technology currently seems like a very big ship that's calling all and sundry on board. With the explosion starting from the financial sector, it has since moved on to other aspects of our lives that we never thought it could. Beyond doubt, it has been proven that the technology of Blockchain and cryptocurrency can be infused into almost any system. In this article, we'll be exploring the wonderful works cryptocurrency is doing in real estate via one of the most promising Blockchain platforms in the Philippines with a particular focus on why you should jump on the adoption ship now to take a very sweet position.

The real estate business is very complex and tricky because it involves way too many people in the value chain. For you to buys landed property now, you'll need to conduct due diligence during the better part of sealing the deal. It's not always easy and some individuals still get scammed along the way. Again, owning real estate to some people is like exchanging their whole life for it, most of these people are marginalized below the poverty line and are unbanked but yet they deserve a roof over their head. These are the gaps Instant Assets Token (IAT) is trying to fill by leveraging on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


IAT aims to bring a complete revolution to the real estate industry via the tokenization projects by making access to real estate easily accessible. The project which is the first of its kind in the Philippines will no doubt create a disruption in the industry that will change the way real estate processes are perceived. Property investment will no longer be rigidly concerned about owning real estate and the tokenization must have made it easier to own a fractional part of real estate asset. Investors will not have to break the bank or knock on bank doors for loans with unfavorable interest rates that cripples returns in the end.


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1. Liquidity Of Real Estate Assets

The digitization of asset in the real estate industry will awake property owners to the opportunity of easily liquidating their asset. This means that they do not have to go through the stressful process of selling real estate properties as a whole of. The liquidity attribute enables the possible disposal of their asset via the IAT platform without any hassle.

2. Transparency And Immutability Of Real Estate Records

The dark processes of real estate procurement and sales is brought to light with the blockchain technology that provides a public record log that is visible to all participant on the network. Also, all transactions have to go through the consensus method agreed upon as the standard on the platform. Any transaction that doesn't meet the standard will not be verified. Also, transactions are easily traced in the blockchain network which eliminates the possible chance of been duped while dealing property investment.

3. Providing Real Estate Ownership To The Marginalized

The ownership of IATokens makes it possible for people who ordinarily do not have the financial capacity to invest in huge real estate to buy bits of the asset via the IAToken. This will also eliminate traditional barriers that most marginalised people have as regarding being unbanked. Bureaucratic commercial banking processes are eliminated by using the IAToken Blockchain platform.


IAT Team is doing an STO to offer the best possible safety conditions to their investors. Do not wait and get yourself a new year present, because you still have a chance to grab some ERC-20 based tokens that are going to revolutionise the real estate industry!

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