How to Stop Foreclosure in Texas [5 Best Ways Discussed]

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In Texas, you face a situation when you receive a notice for foreclosure. It is the situation when you have a maximum of 60 days for the pending payments. In this situation, you look for an appropriate option to stop the foreclosure and continue living in his home. So, what are the options that can help you finish your foreclosure and clear the mortgage payments without any trouble?

Below are the options that can help you stop the foreclosure and get the right price of your house.

Contact Your Lender:
It is the first option that can work for you. You can call your mortgage firm and discuss with a better payment plan that can provide you more time to pay for the rest amount and save you from the foreclosure. There are many cases when the mortgage company may accept your plea, such as loss of a job. If you showcase the right reason, you will be given an extension for the payment and stop your foreclosure.

Sell Your Home:
Within a short period, you have the option to sell your home and get money to stop from foreclosure. You can directly visit and sell your home without many efforts. There are ‘cash for house’ companies that offer you cash within 3-4 days and clear the legal norms fast. Getting the right amount for your home will help you get the right amount and pay the foreclosure dues.

Refinance Your Home:
In many cases, some lenders even offer you to refinance your home based on your debt-to-income ratio. Many lenders can provide you with the desired amount and let you stop the foreclosure. In many cases, overdue mortgage debts can get refinanced through the help of lenders. However, you need to find the right lender in Texas that can refinance your mortgage payments.

There are some rules under which you can apply to declare yourself as bankrupt that can save you from foreclosure. Even in case of bankruptcy, there is a provision to extend your payment timeline and let you pay the pending payments. Here the re-payment plan will be decided based on your income, IRS standards, and other government rules.
Deed-in-Lieu: In case of Deed-in-Lieu, you need to transfer the deed of your house to the mortgage company. It is a reliable option if you want to quit the problem and put an end to the foreclosure.

Pay the Final Amount:
At last, you have the option to pay the rest amount and clear the mortgage loan. However, in case of payment, you might be required to pay the overdue amount along with the pending sum. So, instead of searching for other options, you can clear the dies with the whole amount with late fees. However, this will help you make the dues without taking any third-party loan.

So, these are some of the useful options that can help you stop the foreclosure. However, you need to decide the right choice that suits you best and is suitable for preventing the foreclosure.

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