How Has Steemit Changed the Last 2 Years?

Hi everyone! I was off Steemit for a very long time as I was super busy with many things and Steemit unfortunatley fell to the bottom of priorities. Now with Crypto surging I decided to take a look at my account and was surprised to see how much it was worth!

I have been posting a little bit but I have seen very little action on my posts. Has Steemit changed a lot? Are there still many active people on here? I have seen almost no real estate content.

I love to hear from others and what they think of Steemit and what I should be doing with Steemit.

I am still doing real estate an below is a pic of my latest property.



hello my friend @investfourmore steemit now there are many changes, but the players are also increasing, because steem promos are everywhere, including in Aceh .. greetings from Aceh.

Good to know! I had to look up where Aceh was. I am in Colorado.

Thank you @investfourmore , Aceh to be exact, Indonesia.
Greetings of friendship

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