How Does a Mortgage Work in the US Part 1

A mortgage can be a massive wealth building tool in used right. Most people have no idea how they work. Long term mortgages came about in the US after the Great Depression to help borrowers survive a bad market. The 30 year loan is actually a safer loan than a 15 year loan! I go over this and much more in the video below including how much payments are and how they are calculated!


Haha, this is stupid! Nowadays, investing in a mortgage is a very wrong decision. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter now. I have talked to many successful people who are involved in investing. One of them, by the name of Anthony, a fairly wealthy man, advised me on a cool moneyunder30 platform with which you can find interesting ideas for investing and financial planning. It seems to me that in our time, everyone should have financial literacy. If you want to live richly, you need to constantly study!

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